2019 Psihologie  
Often being considered a crime, an offense, a pathological psychiatric condition, the determinant of an animalistic and primitive behavior, an indicator of degeneration, the homosexuality has been the cause of political, religious and civil repression and persecution over time. Homosexuality is the social identity that carries within it the stigma, and this group might experience more intensely and more directly than other problems related to the individual particularities of a person. This
more » ... cle highlights the essential characteristics of this population and the way psychotherapy, especially The Art Therapy, models itself and adapts itself to them. Art is the rationalization of inner feelings in a comprehensive and compressive form, and the process of creating art allows a Self-dialogue, whose conclusions can become a statement to the world. The therapeutic interventions through art offer homosexuals a different way of expressing the Self and solving problems. The knowledge and analysis of a problem or of an internal stress by creating an art object can help homosexual people in their problem-solving process.
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