Międzynarodowy Pakt Praw Ekonomicznych Socjalnych i Kulturalnych a konstytucje krajów europejskich

Sylwester Zawadzki
1969 Etyka  
The author emphasizes importance of the resolution of International Covenant of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization on 16th December 1966, that took place at the same day as the resolution of International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. This consists in overcoming of the doctrine of the 19th century that the development of economic and social rights presents a menace to the realization of political rights which connects in an
more » ... hich connects in an inseparable way both categories of the above mentioned rights.
doi:10.14394/etyka.236 fatcat:nthd5jszrfek5ktaczr4do7s3q