A program in Medium-Energy Nuclear Physics [report]

B.L. Berman
1991 unpublished
I. Overview This report reviews progress on our nuclear-physics program for the last year, and includes as well copies of our publications and other reports for that time period. The structure of this report follows that of our 1991 Renewal Proposal and Progress Report: Sec. SI outlines our research activities aimed at future experiments at CEBAF, NIKHEF, and Bates; Sec. I11 gives results of our recent research activities at NIKHEF, LAMPF, and elsewhere; Sec. IV provides an update of our
more » ... ory activities at GWU, including the acquisition of our new Nuclear Detector Laboratory at our new Virginia Campus; and Sec. V is a list of our publications, proposals, and other reports. Copies of those on medium-energy nuclear physics are reproduced in the Appendix. Progress on Our Current Research Program A. Measurements with Real Photons at CEBAF A large part of our effort this past year has gone into the planning and preparation for experiments with real photons at the CEBAF Large-Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS). The present PI spent most of his sabbatical year at CEBAF, and 1 B
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