Comparison of different configuration space representations for path planning under combinatorial method

Sanjoy Kumar Debnath, Rosli Omar, Nor Badariyah Abdul Latip
2019 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
<span>The use of autonomous vehicle/robot has been adopted widely to replace human beings in performing dangerous missions in adverse environments. Keeping this in mind, path planning ensures that the autonomous vehicle must safely arrive to its destination with required criteria like lower computation time, shortest travelled path and completeness. There are few kinds of path planning strategies, such as combinatorial method, sampling based method and bio-inspired method. Among them,
more » ... ong them, combinatorial method can accomplish couple of criteria without further adjustment in conventional algorithm. Configuration space provides detailed information about the position of all points in the system and it is the space for all configurations. Therefore, C-space denotes the actual free space zone for the movement of robot and guarantees that the vehicle or robot must not collide with the obstacle. This paper analyses different C-Space representation techniques under combinatorial method based on the past researches and their findings with different criteria such as optimality, completeness, safety, memory uses, real time and computational time etc. Visibility Graph has optimality which is a unique from other</span>
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v14.i1.pp1-8 fatcat:tqait7lhmbfkrl652nykqbf5qa