Analysis of passive calorimetric probe measurements at high energy influxes

Thorben Kewitz, Maik Fröhlich, Holger Kersten
2017 EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation  
High energy influxes increase the complexity of passive calorimetric probe measurements because of an increasing temperature of the surrounding materials like the probe holder. This leads to a distinctively different evolution of the probe temperature compared to low energy influxes. Different established methods for the analysis of passive calorimetric probe data are presented and it is shown that they are not applicable for high energy influx measurements resulting in the requirement of a
more » ... l analysis approach. Such an approach is given in this paper by the combination of the exponential and the linear method. The high energy influx measurements are studied for a commercial atmospheric pressure plasma jet, in order to illustrate our suggested modified approach.
doi:10.1140/epjti/s40485-016-0036-z fatcat:znjjgewryfestf7dmkha2ptpuq