Density Prediction of Uranium-6 Niobium Ingots [report]

D.F.Teter, P.K. Tubesing, D.J.Thoma, E.J.Peterson
2003 unpublished
The densities of uranium-6 niobium (U-Nb) alloys have been compiled from a variety of literature sources such as Y-12 and Rocky Flats datasheets. We also took advantage of the 42 well-pedigreed, homogeneous baseline U-Nb alloys produced under the Enhanced Surveillance Program for density measurements. Even though U-Nb alloys undergo two-phase transitions as the Nb content varies from 0 wt. % to 8 wt %, the theoretical and measured densities vary linearly with Nb content. Therefore, the effect
more » ... Nb content on the density was modeled with a linear regression. From this linear regression, a homogeneous ingot of U-6 wt.% Nb would have a density of 17.382 ± 0.040 g/cc (95% CI). However, ingots produced at Y-12 are not homogeneous with respect to the Nb content. Therefore, using the 95% confidence intervals, the density of a Y-12 produced ingot would vary from 17.310 ± 0.043 g/cc at the center to 17.432 ± 0.039 g/cc at the edge. Ingots with larger Nb inhomogeneities will also have larger variances in the density. John Benner, ESA-WR, has requested MST-6 perform an evaluation of the best estimate of the density of U6Nb ingots that can be produced by Y-12.
doi:10.2172/810685 fatcat:zepigo434fapdgwjbi55jpxsou