Nationalism In The Ussr And Eastern Europe In The Era Of Brezhnev And Kosygin. Edited by George W. Simmonds. Detroit: University of Detroit Press, 1977. 534 pp. $12.00, cloth. $6.95, paper

Melvin Croan
1979 Slavic Review: Interdisciplinary Quarterly of Russian, Eurasian, and East European Studies  
Reviews 327 with a specific aspect of economic reform in Hungary-determination of prices. Their special interest is in the "double channel price," which incorporates taxes on wages and investment in the cost of production. Mescheriakoff deals with monetary policy in the Soviet system-monetary intervention administered to ensure the fulfillment of the plan-and Rogulska investigates the existence of an income policy in Poland. According to her, remuneration for labor, as in capitalist countries,
more » ... italist countries, is based on labor productivity and not on need. Szymkievicz uncovers some paradoxical relationships between the international exchange and internal planning in Poland. The third part of the volume consists of three essays by Andreff, Djurjevac, and Lavigne, dealing with some recent debates which revive certain controversies inherent in contemporary socialist systems. The twelve contributors, who have extended the theories of planned economies by suggesting new approaches and interpretations, do not claim to cover the area, because it is too large for any research group. A great deal remains to be done. Yet, the book represents a valuable addition to presently existing literature on socialist planning in Soviet-type economies.
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