Charles Emerson Peet
1915 School Science and Mathematics  
The impression has been abroad for some time that high school physiography is on the decline, that it has failed to make good and is either being displaced by other subjects or the course is being shortened to make place for other subjects. Your committee was appointed to ascertain the facts. The first effort of the committee was to learn how many schools have dropped the physiography in the last few years. Correspondence with the State Superintendents of Public Instruction of Iowa, Minnesota,
more » ... f Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, brought out the fact, that with one exception, there are no statistics in their possession bearing on this point. From the Minnesota superintendent we learn that the number of high schools in that state offering physiography have been practically constant in the last four years. Without taking a census of the high schools by mail, we have seen no way of getting the complete facts. In Iowa, Miss Alison E. Aitchison, a member of this committee, examined the entrance credentials filed by 473 students, representing more than 250 Iowa high schools and found that only 32 did not present physiography as an entrance credit. It is the opinion of one of the geologists of the University of Iowa that physiography is being replaced by general science, and by agriculture and biology, but that the change is so recent that it does not yet show in the entrance credentials.
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1915.tb16299.x fatcat:b3buhxj3ibegfex3wjl6mlfbh4