Multi-feature based event recommendation in Event-Based Social Network

Jiuxin Cao, Ziqing Zhu, Liang Shi, Bo Liu, Zhuo Ma
2018 International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems  
As a new type of heterogeneous social network, Event-Based Social Network (EBSN) has experienced rapid development after its appearance. In EBSN, the interaction data between users and events is relatively sparse because of the short life cycle of events, which brings great challenges to event recommendation. In this paper, a multiple features based event recommendation method is proposed, which makes full use of various information in the network to mine users' preference for event
more » ... r event recommendation. Firstly, a heterogeneous information network model is constructed based on the intrinsic structure characteristics. Then multiple features about topology, temporal, spatial and semantic are extracted to measure the user's event preference, and a linear scoring model is designed to acquire user's preference score on events. At last, the bayesian personalized ranking method is used to learn the feature weights by using user-event pairs in scoring model and events are recommended to users according to the descending score order. Experiments are carried out on two real EBSN data sets, the results show that our approach can effectively alleviate the data sparseness problem and achieve better recommendation results.
doi:10.2991/ijcis.11.1.48 fatcat:amodxypqtvbnzi3xwjkgroujmu