Blue Brain Technology to Preserve Intelligence

Akshay Patil, Vijay Prakash Tiwari, Yash Khare, U C Patkar
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
It took us thousands of centuries to evolve from Unicellular Organism to this complex biological form. Our Brain and Intelligence were the center of all the evolution we've been through. Human brain is a pool of intelligence, which will be of no use after the death. But with the help of this new technology, it becomes possible human intelligence can virtually exist after the death of an individual. "BLUE BRAIN" is a technology, in which we upload the human brain recorded structure and signals
more » ... the Super Computer to make a simulation of how intelligence works. Uploaded human brain recorded structure in computer would work as Virtual Brain. Even after the death of an individual, his brain will be alive virtually. For this we are going to use Nanobots to record the structural neuron transmitting signals and also the response given by the brain on the stimuli of the body using the neurons. These neurons act as an interface between the brain and the body. We will upload all the recorded data of the brain functioning in the super computer with a huge amount of storage capacity and processing power. We will discuss the working of the Blue Brain Technology and would focus on its advantages, drawbacks and the way to utilize less memory and the brain based chip technology as well as its future expected applications.