Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation of Some New Aryl Substituted Purine Derivatives

Vijaya Kumar P, Yadati Narasimha Spoorthy, L.K Rvindranath
2019 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
The Reaction of 4, 6-dichloropyrimidine-2, 5-diamine hydro chloride with different substituted anilines in presence of alcohol results in the formation of aryl substituted pyrimidine derivatives (1-5). Aryl substituted pyrimidine derivatives react with Tri ethyl ortho formate in presence of acid form respective 6-chloro purine derivatives (6-10). Further 6-chloro purine derivatives react with cyclopropyl amine results in the formation of substituted purinyl derivatives (11-15). The structures
more » ... ). The structures of these compounds have been established by 1 H NMR studies, IR studies and Mass data. All the substituted purinyl derivatives were screened for their antimicrobial activity against four bacteria and three fungi activities. Some of the compounds found to have fairly good activity.
doi:10.30558/jchps.20191204001 fatcat:bxenyakhdjdu3gl2zlqmthvtee