ecCNO solar neutrinos: A challenge for gigantic ultra-pure liquid scintillator detectors

F.L. Villante
2015 Physics Letters B  
Neutrinos produced in the Sun by electron capture reactions on ^13 N, ^15 O and ^17 F, to which we refer as ecCNO neutrinos, are not usually considered in solar neutrino analysis since the expected fluxes are extremely low. The experimental determination of this sub-dominant component of the solar neutrino flux is very difficult but could be rewarding since it provides a determination of the metallic content of the solar core and, moreover, probes the solar neutrino survival probability in the
more » ... ransition region at E_ν∼ 2.5 MeV. In this letter, we suggest that this difficult measure could be at reach for future gigantic ultra-pure liquid scintillator detectors, such as LENA.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2015.01.043 fatcat:naxfcku7szfz5hlctx2tki25ym