Bariery w podejmowaniu aktywności turystycznej przez osoby niepełnosprawne
Barriers in Undertaking Tourist Activity by Disabled People

Marcin Popiel
2016 Prace Naukowe Akademii im Jana Długosza w Częstochowie Kultura Fizyczna  
The objective of this study is to present the barriers in undertaking tourist and recreational activity by disabled people. Methods. Diagnostic examinations (survey) were conducted with the application of a survey questionnaire on people with various level and type of disability (n = 100, 40 men, 60 women). The respondents were asked to indicate the barriers thatin their opinionsreduce participation of the disabled people in the tourism movement. Results. The respondents indicated that the
more » ... cated that the financial issues constituted the largest barrier (economic barrier). This results from the fact that the disabled often have a worse position on the labour market, they earn less and, on the other hand, the products and tourist services adjusted to their needs are usually more expensive. This isto a degreerelated to the next barrieran organizational one that the respondents mentioned as well. Conclusions. On the basis of the conducted study it can be stated that participation of the disabled in tourism is limited and this results from both the external barriers (financial, architectural) as well as the internal ones (psychological, social).
doi:10.16926/kf.2016.15.25 fatcat:pauuia3ls5a4hjs3h2573aslzm