Effect of Vermicompost and Vermicompost tea on the Growth and Yield of Broccoli and Some Soil Properties

Ahmad Lafi
2023 figshare.com  
Abstract. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of the use of Vermicompost and Vermicompost tea on the growth and yield of broccoli and some soil properties The field experiment was formed In Saqlawiyah sub-district - Anbar – Iraq on 10 October 2019.The experiment lasted approximately three months. In situ analysis and measurements of plant and soil were carried out at the site of the experiment, and also in the laboratories of the Agricultural Research Center, Soil Research
more » ... artment in Abu Gharib. The treatments consisted of (T1 soil only, T2 DAP chemical fertilization only (according to fertilizer recommendation) 240 kg DAP.ha -1,T3 = 8.ton ha -1 Vermicompost mixed with soil + half the recommendation of 120 kg DAP. ha-1,T4 = 16 tons. ha-1 Vermicompost mixed with soil + 120 kg DAP. ha-1T5 = Vermicompost tea spray on the plant + 120 kg DAP. ha-1 ,T6 = 8 tons. ha-1 Vermicompost mixed with soil + Vermicompost tea sprays on the plant + 120 kg ha-1 DAP.. The plant traits were; plant height (cm), the total number of leaves (leaf. plant -1), the leaf area (dcm2.plant -1), vegetative dry weight (g. plant -1), dry weight of rhizosphere (g.plant-1), the weight of the main flower (gm) which were (52.8, 42.4, 98.6, 190.2, and 865.8), respectively, as well as the percentage of protein%, fat%, N%, P%, and K% that reached (23.37, 2.81, 3.74, 0.79, and 2.93) successively.concluded from this study that the treatment of Vermicompost with Vermicomposting tea combined with half of the fertilizer recommendation enhanced growth and yield of Broccoli plant and some soil properties.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.22121948.v1 fatcat:rax7n7f3yneklfka2465fwr4ky