Mobilization of Russian science: soft or hard scenario?

Gusev AB
2016 Zenodo  
The paper studies the mobilization of non-military science, suffering of internal crisis. The aims of such a mobilization are: to perform a complex of vital scientiic and technical tasks set within the military-industrial complex, to enable import substitution in the non-military sectors, due to the external economic sanctions, and to develop perspective research directions. It is shown, with some examples of the decision-making low speed within the science infrastructure development and
more » ... elopment and dealing with talented youth, that the current R&D regulators' passiveness is unacceptable under new conditions. The analysis of the President of Russia May decrees and a series of his instructions revealed the soft model of the science mobilization, which, in case of its failure, will be replaced by a hard scenario. The necessary conditions for the non-military science hard mobilization start are deined, including the centralization of inancial resources, a moratorium on the multiplicity of research funding sources and the traditional R&D contest. The formation of an "emergency" state authority is contemplated in purpose of the non-military science mobilization and achieving the goals of the mobilization period. The mobilization format of the state task for universities is proposed, as an instrument of University science mobilization.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3782534 fatcat:eraxjy2smbbafgwv36yzfkbpx4