A nonlinear philosophy for nonlinear systems

A. Fradkov
Proceedings of the 39th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Cat. No.00CH37187)  
A framework for system analysis and design is described based on nonlinear system models and nonperiodic signals generated by nonlinear systems. The proposed approach to analysis of nonlinear systems is based on excitability index -a nonlinear counterpart of magnitude frequency response of linear system. It can be used for stability analysis of fully nonlinear cascade systems similarly to absolute stability analysis of Lur'e systems. Speed-Gradient algorithms of creating feedback r e s onance
more » ... back r e s onance in nonlinear multi-DOF oscillators are described. For strictly dissipative systems bounds of energy and excitability c hange by feedback are established.
doi:10.1109/cdc.2001.914598 fatcat:pufyrbcn7rfkbouazw6zxbcaue