XCVI.—The mutual solubility of 2-methylpiperidine and water

Otto Flaschner, Basil MacEwen
1908 Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions  
IT is impossible to draw many general conclusions as regards the influence of constitution on the mutual solubility of liquids, because only a very few members of any one homologous series are suitable for * The molecular weights have been doubled throughout because of facility of cornpariaon with mercurous nitrite, which, there is reason t o believe, has the formula Hg,(NO,), and also with the nitrites of the alkaline earths. =f Caesium and rubidium are, of course, left out of consideration
more » ... of consideration for the present.
doi:10.1039/ct9089301000 fatcat:fhhyh7siwrcx7mmbe5sgjwi6vy