Whey - raw material for the production of baker starter-cultures

Jasna Mrvčić, Damir Stanzer, Dragana Božić, Vesna Stehlik-Tomas
2008 Mljekarstvo  
The possibility of production Lactic acid bacteria (LAB), which are suitable for breadmaking on whey was researched and compared to the results achieved in modified MRS medium. The growth and fermentation activities of Leuconostoc meseteroides L-3, Lactobacillus brevis L-62 and Lactobacillus plantarum L-73 were examined by monitoring lactic and acetic acid production in fermentation broth and in sourdough. Presented results show that deproteinized whey is suitable for LAB production. The best
more » ... omass yield (1,7 g/L) and lactic acid production (9,15 mg/mL) was achieved with L. plantarum L-73. Better flavour, elasticity and shelf life of bread made with whey-based starters compared to the classical yeast-monoculture based bread were determined by sensory analysis (DLG method).
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