Classifying Data Deposited by Scientists into a Library's Data Repository [unknown]

Libraries that are developing their own data repositories benefit from data on the nature of objects in established data repositories so that they can prepare their future platforms, services, and policies accordingly. While repository reports usually focus on the number, formats, and sizes of files deposited, we have instead endeavored to describe other useful attributes, such as whether the deposited data are associated with a publication or whether data collections are related to a sponsored
more » ... ated to a sponsored project. This poster reports the results of our review and analysis of the individual data deposits (n=20) as well as collection-level data libraries (n=11) deposited by scientists into Brown Library's data repository, the Brown Digital Repository (BDR), from April 2014 to April 2016 using a rubric, developed by the authors, and information provided by depositors.
doi:10.13028/679j-z519 fatcat:2ourk633yfa7hmxsr4numum7hu