Realities and prospects of distance learning at higher education institutions of Ukraine

Serhii Voloshinov, Vladyslav Kruglyk, Viacheslav Osadchyi, Kateryna Osadcha, Svitlana Symonenko
2020 Ukrainian Journal of Educational Studies and Information Technology  
Introduction. The paper deals with the issue of realities and prospects of distance learning at higher education institutions of Ukraine. Distance learning in Ukraine has been implementing for more than twenty years and distant learning technologies are used at most Ukrainian higher education institutions, but the necessity and feasibility of the introduction and development of remote technology is questionable both to faculty and students. The main purpose of this paper is to synthesize the
more » ... o synthesize the real state of distance learning in Ukraine and outline its development prospects at higher education institutions of Ukraine. Materials and Methods. The paper represents the analysis of the survey results of student answers of four classical, pedagogical, maritime and agrotechnological higher education institutions regarding the practical implementation of distance learning in their institutions. The study of the realities of distance learning in the practice of higher education institutions in Ukraine has been conducted among 102 students. The questions concerned student attitude to distance learning, distance learning organisation, advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. Results. The survey results show all four higher education institutions where the survey has been conducted have the information technology support of distance learning (websites, access to the Internet), students of all four higher education institutions are familiar with distance education, use this technology, but most of them prefer mixed learning. It is partially uncomfortable for students to work remotely with theoretical training materials and practical tasks, but they prefer automated remote testing. The most preferable aspects of the distance learning technology students are reading the theoretical material and viewing video lectures remotely and sending completed assignments over the Internet. According to the opinion of most students, the great advantage of distance learning is the ability to combine work and study and self-determination of the study time and place. As the most significant disadvantage of distance learning, students have indicated that it requires self-motivating learners. Discussion and Conclusion. The research results allow researchers to identify the realities of distance learning in Ukraine consisting in provision students with the access to distance learning at most higher education institutions. Certain prospects of distance learning development in Ukraine such as updating the software, hardware and material resources of higher education institutions, providing the broadband access to the Internet to higher education institutions of Ukraine are highlighted. It has been noted that ensuring the process of obtaining an educational degree (Bachelor's, Master's degrees) at higher education institutions of Ukraine is possible by taking massive open distance courses.
doi:10.32919/uesit.2020.01.01 fatcat:zpl44xkqmzgybci7wom3uwi4qi