The equivariant structure of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces. I. The ${\bf Z}$-torsion free case

Justin R. Smith
1987 Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society  
The purpose of this paper is to continue the work begun in [7] . That paper described an obstruction theory for topologically realizing an (equivariant) chain-complex as the equivariant chain-complex of a CW-complex. The obstructions essentially turned out to be homological fc-invaxiants of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces and the key to their computation consists in developing tractable models for the chain-complexes of these spaces. The present paper constructs such a model in the Z-torsion free
more » ... Z-torsion free case. The model is sufficiently simple that in some cases it is possible to simply read off homological /c-invariants, and thereby derive some topological results.
doi:10.1090/s0002-9939-1987-0911042-5 fatcat:eqwuth3iifcpjd6uiu7mavbhpe