High temperature biological treatment of foul evaporator condensate for reuse [report]

Bérubé, Pierre R.; Hall, Eric R.
There is increasing interest in the treatment and reuse of the sewered portion of the evaporator condensate from kraft pulp mills. Reusing the treated condensate would reduce the raw water requirements, reduce the contaminant load to the existing combined mill effluent treatment system and potentially result in significant energy savings if the heat content of the condensate can be recovered. In addition, some legislation proposes incentives for treating and reusing the condensate. This study
more » ... nsate. This study indicated that it was possible to biologically remove methanol (primary contaminant of concern) from synthetic condensate using a high temperature membrane bioreactor (MBR), over the entire expected range of temperatures for evaporator condensate (55 to 70 o C). However, the operating temperature exerted a significant impact on methanol removal kinetics. Methanol removal was optimal at a temperature of 60 o C. The removal of methanol was significantly inhibited above 60 o C, indicating that the inactivating effect of temperature on the microorganisms in the MBR must be considered at elevated temperatures. A model was proposed and used to accurately estimate the effect of high temperatures on methanol removal. ii
doi:10.7939/r36w96d3d fatcat:3vtmwznhqfaihidfwpfn5iwsle