Chloroplasts morphology investigation with diverse microscopy approaches and inter-specific variation in Laurencia species (Rhodophyta)

Wladimir Costa Paradas, Leonardo Rodrigues Andrade, Leonardo Tavares Salgado, Ligia Collado-Vides, Renato Crespo Pereira, Gilberto Menezes Amado-Filho
2015 ALGAE  
The present study described with different microscopy approaches chloroplasts lobes in Laurencia sensu latu (Rhodophyta) species and found inter-specific differences among them. Chloroplasts were investigated using confocal laser scanning microscopy (LSM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and high resolution scanning electron microscopy (HRSEM). Using and TEM and HRSEM images we distinguished chloroplasts with lobes than chloroplasts without lobes in Yuzurua poiteaui var. gemmifera
more » ... r. gemmifera (Harvey) M. J. Wynne and Laurencia dendroidea J. Agardh cortical cells. The LSM images showed chloroplasts lobes (CLs) with different morphologies, varying from thicker and longer undulated projections in Y. poiteaui var. and L. dendroidea to very small and thin tubules as in Laurencia translucida Fujii & Cordeiro-Marino. The diameter and length of CLs from Y. poiteaui var. and L. dendroidea were significantly higher than L. translucida CLs (p < 0.01). Based on LSM observations, we suggest that lobes morphology has a taxonomic validity only to characterize L. translucida species.
doi:10.4490/algae.2015.30.4.291 fatcat:sqkda3polvcy5a6czjkccrzvwu