Measurement of Radioactive Radon Gas Concentrations of Water in the schools for Kifel

Khalid Hatif, Kadhim Muttaleb, Alyaa Abass
Radon chemical element for which an inert gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless, it is also radioactive elements, Radon is chemically inert and non-flammable and very poisonous and carcinogen by inhalation. The aim of this project is Knowledge of radon concentration level and the annual effective dose in drinking water in Babylon Governorate. Current work presents the results of the radioactive gas radon in samples of drinking water in the schools of AL-Kifel in Babylon Governorate Was
more » ... as the water from 16 schools by using the electronic radon detector RAD H 2 O, where the highest value (1.15) Bq·L-1 and the lowest value (0.0362) Bq·L-1 and effective dose for, human exposure to radon rate from (0.158556) mSv·y-1 to (5.037) mSv·y-1. At last may be concluded, the results of radon concentrations and annual effective dose in all samples show no significant radiological risk for the inhabitants in the reign study.