A Relativistic Escape Velocity Maximum of Light Speed

David Grant Taylor
2016 Journal of High Energy Physics Gravitation and Cosmology  
There are parallels between the time distortion equations of General and Special Relativity. The time distortion in Special Relativity limits the "Real" velocity of a particle to the speed of light |c| by slowing the velocity of bosons/energy and increasing the mass of fermion||lepton (or matter) particles. In General Relativity, the gravitational slowdown of bosons/gravitons limits the escape velocity | Esc v | to light speed. | ′ 0.5 2 2 Time Time 1 Esc v c = − The above contests currently
more » ... ntests currently held properties of Schwarzschild Objects. Relativistic theory predicts the slowdown of gravitons/bosons, while their velocity only approaches zero. The different mathematical logic of Gravitational Force ||GF|| 2 GF GMm r = would mean no limit on the force. Matter formed through compression of bosons can escape after formation by absorbing kinetic energy from the slowing photons/bosons in its surroundings. So matter formation can occur via a steady-state mechanism. The limit on Esc v allows matter to escape in events that parallel both the Big Bang and Cyclic cosmology. Additional arguments are made as to the validity of relativity.
doi:10.4236/jhepgc.2016.23034 fatcat:o72vstzn6vfynn6lwy3mamityq