Toplum Tarafından Divan Edebiyatının Algılanması Üzerine Bir Araştırma

Mustafa ARSLAN
2014 Turkish Studies  
It is important for a society to be able to use elements such as knowledge, experience, art, and literature etc that it has brought from the past in shaping its future. The use of literary products with very strong sound structure (music) is discussed in order to develop linguistic skills and to create appreciation of language in the community. In this context, Divan literature, which becomes promiment with this property of its within Turkish literature, should be benefited at maximum level.
more » ... t maximum level. Divan literature texts develop the mental skills of individuals through reasoning and create in them a sense of aesthetics. More importantly, thought or emotion, which lies in this enormous texture, should be uncovered and be transfered to society. However, nowadays Divan literature and its traditions are losing their value due to various reasons and the society has been alienating itself from its language, terminology, form and characteristics. Based on aruz, nazim forms and literary arts, Divan Literature teaching has become difficult field to comprehend. This study attempted to determine the perception that is formed in the mind of society. Thus, a Likert scale based questionnaire was prepared with the aim of determining the problem on the assumptions related to the perception of Divan Literature. Data collected by asking questions regarding Divan literature to individuals who were at least high school graduates and studied Divan literature. The collected data were analyzed in SPSS software program and their distributions of frequencies and percentages were calculated. The results of the study showed that the most important factor preventing the society from understanding Divan Literature centers upon the difficulty of understanding its language.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.6303 fatcat:fi5ir3mwsfhifd43uk7obognna