Book Review Diseases of the Nervous System . By H. Campbell Thomson, M.D. (Lond.), F.R.C.P. 12 mo, pp. xvi, 480. With 8 colored and 12 black and white plates, and 101 figures in the text. Chicago: W. T. Keener & Co. 1908

1908 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
nerve waste from excessive irritation, usually protopathic, accompanied by phenomena of disorderedfnerve action. j^The author attempts to apply Head's divisions of sensibility into epicritic and protopathic ¿to cerebral conditions, but his hypothesis has been weakened by Head's later studies, which show that the division between epicritic and protopathic sensibility is applicable only to the peripheral nervous system. The evidence that serious nervous disorder may be occasioned by dental
more » ... is of sufficient importance to repay a perusal of the book. Diseases of the Nervous System.
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