Searching and describing objects in satellite images on the basis of modeling reasoning

D.R. Kasimov
2020 Computer Optics  
The article presents an approach to a problem of contextual search and description of objects in raster satellite images, which consists in modeling reasoning on the basis of structured cases. As a result of image processing, an adjacency graph of color regions is constructed. The object is characterized by color, attributes of the form of segments of the border and the shape of the object as a whole. A structured case is represented in the form of a beam graph, whose arcs are ordered according
more » ... to a positive bypass of the region boundaries. Using a graph matching algorithm, occurrences of cases stored in the system database are detected in the analyzed image. When the occurrence is detected, a case-based inference rule is applied. The degree to which an object belongs to a certain class depends not only on the properties of the object itself, but also on the reliability of the surrounding objects. The contextual search strategy contains stages of recursion and iteration. In contrast to neural network technologies, the proposed approach allows one not only to classify image objects, but also to form their structured descriptions. In addition, the classification decision issued by the system has a reasoned justification. The results of the experiment show that reasoning based on structured cases allows refining the results of classification and increasing the reliability of object recognition in satellite images.
doi:10.18287/2412-6179-co-716 fatcat:3u3hjbby6jdglfvqf7pn6mj4b4