Design and Analysis of Tension Control System for Transformer Insulation Layer Winding

Haixiang Huang, Jiazhong Xu, Kewei Sun, Liwei Deng, Cheng Huang
2020 IEEE Access  
The insulation performance of the core transformer is determined by the winding quality of the insulation layer between the coils. It is necessary to assure uniform winding tension in order to ensure the insulation performance of the transformer and improve production efficiency. Thus, in this article, the dynamic characteristics of the transformer insulation winding process are analyzed, and the insulation winding tension control system is designed to decrease the tension fluctuation caused by
more » ... uctuation caused by the alternating change of the elliptical core radius in the winding process. Firstly, the time-varying characteristics of roll radius and inertia are analyzed, the mechanical structure and dynamic models of unwinding and rewinding are established, and the effects of upstream and downstream span length and dancer inertia on the resonant frequency and response performance of the system are revealed. Later, the influence factors of tension fluctuation and disturbance propagation frequency are investigated, and the tension control model of Hybrid dancer position feedback is established. The variable universe fuzzy PI controller is designed by setting fuzzy rules and universe adjustment factors. Finally, the stability of the controller and the weakening effect on the tension disturbance are verified by simulation, and the performance and application value of the automatic winding tension control system are tested by a series of experiments. INDEX TERMS Transformer insulation winding, tension control, disturbance, variable universe fuzzy PI, hybrid dancer.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2995591 fatcat:xjivphypnndbjnr4td3zevv4sy