Sérgio Dias Cirino
1969 Revista Brasileira de Terapia Comportamental e Cognitiva  
When we proposed a 50th anniversary commemorative edition of Skinner's Verbal Behavior publishing, we were apprehensive. It was this journal first call for papers and we did not know what the community response would be like. Such apprehension lasted for a few months, until when the authors started to submit their papers. They kept coming and it made us more relaxed. Then, gradually another concern built up: the amount of papers was growing and our structure remained the same. The great
more » ... . The great majority of the submissions clearly had high quality and we came to think that maybe it would not be possible to get all approved papers published in the same volume. Such concern proved right and we would like to apologize to the authors who had their papers approved but will not be published in this present edition for operational reasons. We thank all the authors that kindly submitted their papers and in special our partners Ernest and Julie Vargas from B. F. Skinner Foundation, Terry Knapp from Nevada University and Ruben Ardila from Universidade Nacional de Colômbia. We are also grateful to the Editorial Council and to the crowd of ad hoc opinion givers that made possible a detailed and severe analysis, which defines our journal. Thank you very much to all of you! So, it is with pleasure that we make public the 50th anniversary commemorative edition of Skinner's Verbal Behavior publishing. Our pleasure is even bigger due to the good news we have in the journal. It is very good to be able to bring news and be sure that despite innovations we assure the continuity of our ideal, remain committed to relevant scientific work publishing, which contribute to Psychology building up and progress as a science and profession. There is so much news that we decided to choose some to comment here and leave others for longer, secret chatters. Folklore says that people from Minas like a good chat and we will not subvert it... We have been seriously investing in an internalization project of the journal and several actions have been implemented. Skinner's paper "Selection by consequences" is one example. It is important to stress that the journal electronic availability opens new horizons outside Brazil for being accessible to all Portuguese language readers spread all over the world. However, this internalization project would not be complete if we did not have available our own production in English language which has been figures as Science international language. Therefore it is with joy that we introduce the journal's team specialized in translation, Beatriz Campos, Carolina Sampaio, Felipe Passos, Leonardo Nunes and Victor Paredes. On the journal's site there is a brief CV of each one of them. They are qualified professionals who have spared no pains in learning about mand, tact, contingencies and other less common terms in both Portuguese and English languages. Our special thanks to them. In addition to the translators team we also count with two psychology graduate students from UFMG who as volunteers have been doing the papers regulation review. Our thanks to Jhonatan and Acríssio! The journal modernization is also something new. From next edition on papers submission and procedure will be conducted exclusively in electronic format through the journal's site, www. rbtcc.org. The main objective is to speed up and enhance transparency of the entire editorial process. Once again we will need the whole community collaboration in order to appraisingly follow the new submission process implantation so we can identify possible flaws quickly and correct them. After the successful call for papers on verbal behavior we decided to repeat the same model and we have another call opened for "Dialogues with Education". We are counting on experts' presence to collaborate with guest editors: Jair Lopes Junior and Adriana Cruvinel. Jair has a doctor degree form USP and is a professor at UNESP in Bauru. Adriana is a candidate for doctor's
doi:10.31505/rbtcc.v9i2.237 fatcat:vq5jfycdrndo7fgk427gzpclxa