Unconstrained and Non-Invasive Heartbeat Measurement under Walking Using a Phonocardiographic Sensor

2002 Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers  
With the rapid growth of high-aged persons, interest on health is increasing. From the viewpoint, development of unconstrained and non-invasive vital sign measurement systems is becoming important to monitor their health at homes, hospitals and nursing facilities. This paper proposes an unconstrained and non-invasive measurement system of heartbeat of a walking subject wearing clothes with a built-in phonocardiographic (PCG) sensor. With the system, the PCG sensor extracts the heartbeat signal
more » ... hrough a vibration of the sensor sensitive element and the periods of heartbeat and walking are measured by a pattern matching between the filtered output of the PCG sensor and a linear combination of the two types of sinusoidal functions with the periods as their parameters. The system will be expected to serve as a daily heartbeat monitoring system not only at homes but also at hospitals.
doi:10.9746/sicetr1965.38.1055 fatcat:vxk5jp7jl5fi5pl47ztwudvjmi