Nano-capacitors as batteries including graphene electrodes and Ga-N mixed with bio-polymers as insulator

2019 Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry  
Battery stores energy via a chemical process while a capacitor stores static electricity, therefore this generates when electric charges in a material are out of balance. Capacitors have several advantages than batteries because they charge and discharge faster, they don't use harmful chemicals, don't weigh as much and last longer. In this research, we have simulated one which is combined of a graphite layer that is separated through an insulating medium of polymerase's wurtzite Ga-N sheets. It
more » ... has been shown that the alternate boron and nitrogen atoms instead of carbon are the suitable dopants for hetero-structures of the G// wurtzite Ga-N//G capacitors. We have shown that the Quantum effect has appeared in this capacitor due to the electropositive-electronegative coupled of wurtzite Ga-N and this effect cannot occur in the two electro negative or two electro positive elements layers. Therefore by this unique property our capacitor has been modeled to store a large capacity for green storage of energies in the new world of technologies.
doi:10.33263/briac91.806811 fatcat:27j7wh6svfhx3nm7bmw2tf5mla