Fuzzy-based fault-tolerant and instant synchronization routing technique in wireless sensor network for rapid transit system

K. M. Karthick Raghunath, S. Thirukumaran
2019 Automatika  
In the present era, rapid transits are one of the most affordable means of public transport with various useful integrated application systems. The majority of the integrated applications are deployed in concern over safety and precautionary measures against the worst side-effects of unfortunate emergencies. For such cases, high-end reliable and autonomous systems provide possible positive solutions. Wireless Sensor Network is one of the suitable choices for rapid transit applications to gain
more » ... lications to gain positive results with inexpensive implementation cost. However, managing few network consequences like fault tolerance, energy balancing and routing critical informative packets are considered to be the challenging task due to their limited resource usage restriction. In this paper, a novel fuzzy logic-based fault tolerance and instant synchronized routing technique have been proposed specifically for the rapid transit system. On utilizing the fuzzy logic concepts, most of the computational complexities and uncertainties of the system is reduced. The central thematic of the proposed design is concerned over the synchronized routing and permanent faults which abruptly depicts the non-functional nature of the sensor nodes during normal operations. Moreover, our proposed simulation outcomes proved to be improvised evidence on obtaining maximum packet delivery ratio which tends to handle an emergency situation in the compartments of rapid transits. ARTICLE HISTORY
doi:10.1080/00051144.2019.1643963 fatcat:kn4t6ghpz5grvnkh2lxmtqidi4