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1913 English Historical Review  
in July. Masatna has be«n held responsible for the bloody affair of Bbcifberg (3 May), bat JL Qtchot seems to provs that he did not com* on the scene till the middle of the day, when his troop* wen already committed, and there waa nothing for it bet to persevere. In speslin^ of theruptare between France and Austria, in the fpnng of 1809, M. Gachot says that Mettwmich did hii utmost to F*»"it*in peao* and bring about a good undarstanriing. On the contrary, his npnaentatiooa in December 1808 did
more » ... December 1808 did more than anything O!M to persuade Franca II that the tarn* waa ripe for a new war. Ths attitude of the Archduke Charles before ths war and afterwards ia explsined in some interesting letter* from Const Grttnne to the Prince de Iigne, which are printed in the appendix. Thert are tome good maps, but in those which ham been reduced by photography from larger mapa the soak ii given wrongly. In the text there are many mistakes in tht spelling of German pisra mints B, M. LLOYD.
doi:10.1093/ehr/xxviii.cxi.593 fatcat:mh46dm75w5aaldxino3y263xbq