Analysis of Municipal Waste Development and Management in Self-Governing Regions of Slovakia

Marcela Taušová, Eva Mihaliková, Katarína Čulková, Beáta Stehlíková, Peter Tauš, Dušan Kudelas, Ľubomír Štrba, Lucia Domaracká
2020 Sustainability  
In the European Union, basic strategy results from the need to provide intelligent, sustainable, and inclusive growth, along with respect to social and economic impacts of waste treatment. The paper focuses on municipal waste and its separation. Generally, within global waste management initiatives, the main goal is to minimize the negative effects of waste on the environment, as well as to increase and optimize the sources' efficiency in the waste economy. Research on municipal waste
more » ... pal waste development and its separation was done in individual regions of Slovakia to find if socially weaker regions have worse waste treatment. The results were compared according to the waste development per inhabitant and per household, as well as through rate indexes, which are connected to relationships between waste, social, and economic indexes. The results confirmed research results from other countries that show that the volume of municipal waste is increasing due to increased living standards of inhabitants. However, on the other hand, waste separation rates also increased—mainly based on the legislative support.
doi:10.3390/su12145818 fatcat:gmwm3fd5yjaqrcnadwawmthkny