Differential Thermal Analysis of Edible Fats and Oils. IV

1970 Journal of Japan Oil Chemists' Society  
DTA curve of lauric acid series oil was fonud to show complicated changes according to the degree of hardening and the temperature and duration of standing. In the present series of work, the same experiments were carried out on fully hardened coconut oil fractionated by solvent fractionation or molecular distillation, and also on randomized hardened oil obtained by ester exchange, for comparative examination. 1) DTA curve of the fraction sparingly soluble in acetone showed little change
more » ... ng to the temperature of standing but DTA curve of the filtrate showed a considerable change when allowed to stand at 20℃. 2) The DTA curve of the fraction obtained by molecular distillation showed little change according to the temperature and period of standing, indicating a fairly great difference from the original hardened coconut oil. The DTA curve of the oil re-compounded according to the yield showed a considerable change as well in the original hardened oil. 3) The DTA curve of the oil randomized by ester exchange showed little change. It is thereby considered that coconut oil has a glyceride structure different from that of ordinary oils and its DTA curve is therefore complicated.
doi:10.5650/jos1956.19.135 fatcat:rogoqizi6zctdl34lofjhlhleq