Ternary semihypergroups in terms of generalized quasi(bi)-hyperideals

Kostaq Hila, Krisanthi Naka, Manish Kant Dubey, Anuradha
2017 Studia scientiarum mathematicarum Hungarica (Print)  
In this paper, we introduce and study the concepts of prime left, semiprime left and irreducible left hyperideals in ternary semihypergroups and investigate some basic properties of them. We introduce the concepts of hyperfilter and hypersemilattice congruence of ternary semihypergroups. We give some characterizations of hyperfilters in ternary semihypergroups. Some relationships between hyperfilters, prime hyperideals and hypersemilattice congruences in ternary semihypergroups are considered.
more » ... ps are considered. We also introduce the notion of hyperideals extensions in ternary semihypergroups and some properties of them are investigated.
doi:10.1556/012.2017.54.3.1365 fatcat:atlniydcqnexddg5wtoocml25u