Experimental formation of chlorites from montmorillonite

S. Caillère, S. Hénin
1949 Mineralogical Magazine and Journal of the Mineralogical Society  
One of the problems which occupy the mineralogist as well as the geologist or pedologist is the mechanism of the formation and evolution of minerals in nature. In this general connexion we have been trying to clarify the possibility of passing from montmorillonite to chloritic minerals. Already in a previous work we showed that on precipitating magnesium with ammonia in the presence of montmorillonite, a substance is obtained which shows certain of the characteristics of vermiculite and
more » ... iculite and chlorite. Having thus shown the possibility of passing from one type to the other, we wished to clarify the mechanism of the change. We wanted to know what are the conditions of the transformation, and then to follow the montmorillonite from the moment when it was in equilibrium with the solution of magnesium chloride to the end of the alteration. Finally, it had to be established to what extent the product obtained resembled or differed from the standard minerals. These different points will be considered in succession.
doi:10.1180/minmag.1949.028.205.10 fatcat:lzh5hfnshzgwtbbpt5rr2e3s2e