Tensor Body: Real-Time Reconstruction of the Human Body and Avatar Synthesis From RGB-D

Angelos Barmpoutis
2013 IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics  
Real-time 3D reconstruction of the human body has many applications in anthropometry, telecommunications, gaming, fashion, and other areas of human-computer interaction. In this paper a novel framework is presented for reconstructing the 3D model of the human body from a sequence of RGB-D frames. The reconstruction is performed in real time while the human subject moves arbitrarily in front of the camera. The method employs a novel parameterization of cylindrical-type objects using Cartesian
more » ... sor and b-spline bases along the radial and longitudinal dimension respectively. The proposed model, dubbed tensor body, is fitted to the input data using a multistep framework that involves segmentation of the different body regions, robust filtering of the data via a dynamic histogram, and energy-based optimization with positive-definite constraints. A Riemannian metric on the space of positive-definite tensor splines is analytically defined and employed in this framework. The efficacy of the presented methods is demonstrated in several real-data experiments using the Microsoft Kinect sensor. A Java implementation of the presented algorithms along with the custom Java binding to the Microsoft Kinect SDK is available at
doi:10.1109/tcyb.2013.2276430 pmid:23974673 fatcat:stbv3tpj6je3fi3eud6nqyq6ou