KπScattering,κMeson, and Current Algebra

Probir Roy
1968 Physical Review  
We discuss IG( scattering using a low-energy dominated sum rule derived from the SU(j)@SU(j) algebra of currents assuming the pionic and the kaonic pole dominance hypotheses. The exact validity of the latter assumptions implies a much larger S-wave KJC scattering in the I = l/2 channel than in the I = 3/2 channel. The use of the current algebra scattering lengths for threshold elastic KJ~ scattering suggest that this discrimination is due to a scalar I = l/2 resonance. If this is the kappa
more » ... s is the kappa (725), a width > 28 * 2 MeV is predicted. If, however, the error in kaonic pole dominance is greater than X$,the existence of the kappa would not be required. I TfSubmitted to Physical Review) * Supported by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission.
doi:10.1103/physrev.172.1850 fatcat:qv44razwpnfffixxqxegwsqzoe