A new report on Hesperomyces coleomegillae (Ascomycota, Laboulbeniales) parasitism of Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in Brazil

Carlos Antonio Inácio, Hagabo Honorato De Paulo, Jonas Dias Almeida, Jessica Rembinski, Elen Lima Aguiar Menezes, Alessandra Carvalho Silva
2019 Acta Mycologica  
<p>For the first time, the genus Hesperomyces has been reported to infect Coleomegilla maculata in laboratory mass rearing in Brazil. Thalli were found growing on several parts of this ladybird species, including the head, elytra, legs, and abdomen. Infested adults died after 60 days.</p>
doi:10.5586/am.1117 fatcat:vzq6idotnbf53g44broqekqsxa