Heat flow and diamond potential of the Belomorian kimberliteprovince

International Kimberlite Conference Extended Abstracts: 1995   unpublished
Results from geothermal investigations of the Belomorian kimberlite province (Tsibulya & Levashkevich, 1992) and summarized heat-flow (HF) data on kimberlite provinces of Laurasian ancient platforms (Tsibulya, 1992) have shown that the density of regional HF in kimberlite provinces is generally lower than the background values in the platforms (Fig.l) . Besides, there is a relationship between HF values and diamond potential of the provinces: the lower the HF of a province, the higher the
more » ... d potential. This dependence between HF and dimond potential is also observed within the provinces. Minimal HF values (17-20 mW/m2) is the Siberian province are characteristic for the kimberlite zone of a diamond subfacies. When passing to kimberlite zones of diamond-pyrope and pyrope subfacies and to porphyritic ultrabasic and alkaline-ultrabasic rocks of the pyrope facies, the HF density is gradually increasing up to 35 mW/m2 (Milashev and Posenberg, 1974; Tsibulya, 1992) .
doi:10.29173/ikc1993 fatcat:gs7axa5r3nbsbcdgoa2eb4hkqa