Vanessa Mendes Carrera, Agnaldo Arroio
2011 Gamtamokslinis ugdymas  
Media have played a relevant role in society because it is through them that values and concepts of our time are incorporated by teenagers and children. It is important to un-derstand these effects as the young generation is exposed to these media and also how it would be possible to take advantage of this influence to school practices. Focused on this issue, the influence of media, in special movies, how the research in science education had been studies this trend. These work it is an art
more » ... e which focuses on understands how and what kind of research related with this issue in Natural Science Education in Brazil. For this, we used the full papers presented at the ENPEC- Brazilian Conference on Research in Science Education from 1997 (date of the first meeting) to 2009 (the recently). It is expected that this knowledge will allow evaluating and redirecting these educational researches re-lated to this issue based on our results with the theme cinema and education. Key words: education and media, movies, natural science education, trends.
doi:10.48127/gu-nse/11.8.36b fatcat:otvexurycnf5bnsbia5xg3yvry