An Emotion Expression Extraction Method for Chinese Microblog Sentences

Fuji Ren, Qian Zhang
2020 IEEE Access  
With the rapid spread of Chinese microblog, a large number of microblog topics are being generated in real-time. More and more users pay attention to emotion expressions of these opinionated sentences in different topics. It is challenging to label the emotion expressions of opinionated sentences manually. For this endeavor, an emotion expression extraction method is proposed to process millions of user-generated opinionated sentences automatically in this paper. Specifically, the proposed
more » ... d mainly contains two tasks: emotion classification and opinion target extraction. We first use a lexicon-based emotion classification method to compute different emotion values in emotion label vectors of opinionated sentences. Then emotion label vectors of opinionated sentences are revised by an unsupervised emotion label propagation algorithm. After extracting candidate opinion targets of opinionated sentences, the opinion target extraction task is performed on a random walk-based ranking algorithm, which considers the connection between candidate opinion targets and the textual similarity between opinionated sentences, ranks candidate opinion targets of opinionated sentences. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of algorithms in the proposed method.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2985726 fatcat:swaidwu4nrapdpbgn62a25cnci