Paesaggi costieri delle città del Mediterraneo, narrazioni di pietra e d'acqua. Caso studio: Waterfront Pozzuoli

Simone Bozzato, Giacomo Bandiera
Coastal Landscapes of Mediterranean Cities, Stone and Water Storytelling. Case Study: Waterfront of Pozzuoli The waterfront of Mediterranean coastal cities are anthropogeographic coastal landscapes. Common Goods Territorial Cultural and Landscape tending to satisfy the needs and rights of the communities that create and benefit from them. Testimonies of different types of physical reality and social-economic functions. Seaports, boundary lines of the urban area, nodes and entrance gates, basins
more » ... rance gates, basins of economic and cultural exchange. Area coastal with presence of manufacturing activities, closed and self-referential, in opposition full to the primary identity of waterfront place. Storytelling of stones and water, as a physical testimony of the relationship that has been achieved between the community and the territory, which has also evolved in terms of buildings of architectural-urban reality and use of space. Place in full process of narrative construction of community identity. Territories, in reterritorialization, looking for a new sense of waterfront/border, permeable and multiform frame, network of places and functions between territories separate by the water front, between city and coast, between coastal and urban activities. In assonance with the identity primary genius and the community narration of the place. The case study analyzed is the waterfront of the city of Pozzuoli. Paysages côtiers des villes méditerranéennes, récits de pierre et d'eau. Étude de cas : Waterfront Pozzuoli Les front de mer des villes côtières de la Méditerranée sont des paysages côtiers géographiques. Des atouts culturels, territoriaux et paysagers communs visant à satisfaire les besoins et les droits des communautés qui les créent et les utilisent. Témoignages de différents types de réalités physiques et de fonctions économiques et sociales. Ports maritimes, frontières de l'agglomération, nœuds et portes d'entrée, échanges économiques et culturels. Les zones côtières sont les protagonistes des activités manufacturières, fermées et [...]
doi:10.13133/1125-5218.16774 fatcat:l6mjefeybfhbxg3yb6kyty43lq