Răzvan Brudiu
2015 Altarul reîntregirii  
The Christian pastoral and mission have always played an important role in the culture and civilisation worldwide. The mission and the ecclesiastic are inseparable. Through His Sacrifice and Resurrection, Christ, as Pastor, gives life, communion, and love. In the same way, the priest is a pastor, due to his role o f fulfilling the Holy Mysteries, re-enacting the act of Christ giving Himself for the life o f the people. The priest is a pastor in his work o f fulfilling the Holy Sacraments, which
more » ... y Sacraments, which are the bread o f the Church. In a confused contemporary society, priests do not have the capacity o f totally embracing the elements that represent the complexity o f the urban parish. Still, the pastoral consciousness imposes and charges them to find pastoral and missionary themes, programmes, and strategies that are stringently required. The mutations o f urban religious communities are multiple and unpredictable, both from a psychological and an ecclesiastical point o f view. They are determined not only by economic, social, and political conditions, but also by the understanding of religion as an individual option, or as a neutral intellectual luggage. This is why the profile o f the urban parish presents characteristics and tendencies that are overlapping, dispersed, and difficult to integrate. Transforming the Church into religion may be seen as individualising belief, asceticism, and the cult. Belief is perverted in individual convictions, asceticism into individual morals, and the cult into individual duty. The correct convictions, the allegiance to moral commandments, and the consequence o f fulfilling the obligations o f the cult, are sufficient to ensure the deliverance o f the individual. The desire of excessive urbanism contain neither the ideas o f collectivities, community, body o f communion relations constituted to the Eucharist dinner, nor the co participation to its fulfilling, the search for deliverance through the change of * PhD, "1 Decembrie 1918" University, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Alba Iulia, Romania. 14th International Symposium on Science, Theology and Arts modus vivendi by passing from the natural instinct o f egoism to the renouncement to the self and loving the other. Keywords: urban parish, priest, society, sermon, Eucharist, pastoral mission. 1 Ion Bria, Regenerarea misiunii creştine în contextul urban, in "Relevanţa operei Părintelui Profesor Ion Bria pentru viaţa bisericească şi socială actuală", Sibiu, Publishing House: Universitatea "Lucian Blaga", 2010, p. 41. 2 loan Ică jr., Misiune şi mărturie creştină faţă de prozelitismul religios care este o contramărturie creştină, in "Pastoraţie şi misiune în Biserica Ortodoxă",
doi:10.29302/ar.2015.suplim.1.17 fatcat:q2ldoswhk5brnmsbwtb6weytvy