Massimo Rospocher, Il papa guerriero: Giulio II nello spazio pubblico europeo, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2015

Andrea Rizzi
Massimo Rospocher, Il papa guerriero: Giulio II nello spazio pubblico europeo Bologna, Il Mulino, 2015 [ISBN 978-88-15-25350-7 Price: € 32,00] ANDREA RIZZI The University of Melbourne In the past twenty years, scholars working on the Italian Renaissance have become particularly responsive to the advantages of bringing interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of fifteenth-and sixteenth-century texts and ideas. Some of the most influential studies in this direction are Lauro Martines's 2001
more » ... o Martines's 2001 investigation of literature as historical record, and Peter Burke and Po-chia Hsia's 2007 call for historians to consider translation studies as an important prism through which to study past cultures and texts. 1 Several projects have recently explored the intersections between scribal and print, oral and written cultures in medieval and early modern Italy, with a particular focus on political communication. 2 For a long time, these realms have, in effect, been kept separate. Thanks to these recent studies, historians, musicologists, literary scholars and those focused on the history of ideas have begun to work towards a more nuanced understanding of how the performance of ideas, texts, and orality interacted and influenced each other.
doi:10.13128/cromohs-20144 fatcat:ndhv3t3sm5fchfnlxdetqutwiq