Griechische Papyri im Museum des Oberhessischen Geschichtsvereins zu Giessen. O. Eger , Ernst Kornemann , Paul M. Meyer

Edgar J. Goodspeed
1911 Classical Philology  
BOOK REVIEWS the Civil War and two other references to it (x. 471; x. 521) that the original commentary antedates, at any rate, the loss of these books. The volume contains, besides the scholia, the Vita Lucani professedly drawn from Vacca, an outline, De bello civili inter Caesarem et Pompeium, Argumenta before books i, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, and Periochae before books ii, iii, iv, X. As corrigenda I note auctorn on for auctor non (is 24), and in the lemma of i. 260, I, apparently, for T. The
more » ... ently, for T. The editor has appended serviceable indices and on the whole has contributed with fidelity a text of ancient scholia which may in authority rank with the admirable Donatus of Wessner. Textes greces nedits de la collection papyrologique de Gene've. Par JULES NICOLE. AveC VI planches. M4moire publi A l'oc asion du Jubile de l'UniversitM, 155.9-1909. Gen6ve: Georg, 1909. Pp. 49. Of the eight Greek texts which Professor Nicole publishes, six are from papyri, one from a parchment fragment, and one from a wax tablet. The earliest form a group of three documents relating to the circumcision of priests in Egypt. These date from the reign of Antoninus, and help to augment the papyrus literature on this subject, which already includes documents at Berlin and Strassburg and from Tebtunis. The wax tablet belongs to the sixth century and preserves Ps. 91:1-7, 10-13, in the Septuagint version. But Professor Nicole's most considerable texts are fragments from Aeschines' Against Timarchus, from Thucydides, book ii, and from Demosthenes' First Philippic. These papyri range from the second to the fifth centuries and help to carry back the manuscript tradition of these important works into antiquity. To the four columns of the Aeschines, Professor Nicole appends a collation with the text of Blass. The papyrus is in generalagreement with the better class of Aeschines manuscripts.
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