Research on vibration characteristics of a bicycle with two infants (2nd report, effect of both the infant's weight and bicycle's specifications on occupants)

Shinichiro OTA, Shuji NISHIYAMA, Taiki SHINOHARA
2015 Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)  
This paper describes the effect of vibration characteristics on a bicycle-rider-two infants system when the weight of infants and the seat position are changed. To examine vibration experienced by a rider and two infants, we investigated a vibration model on a bicycle-rider-two infants system and a simulation system. Input signals of the wheels were developed a sine waveform for the transient response and sine waveforms of a frequency from 1 to 20 Hz for the frequency response. Further,
more » ... e. Further, numerical analysis was performed by using these input signals. RMS (root-mean-square) values and P (peak) values were calculated for the evaluation of vibrations on infants and rider by the calculation. From these results, the relationship among the infant weight, the seat position and vibration characteristics of infants and rider was clarified by using the simulation system. Therefore, it was shown that the simulation system could be used as a tool to design the bicycle with a rider and two infants.
doi:10.1299/transjsme.14-00534 fatcat:mlbgrhg5bvbzbil474ducmb6ga