Mobile Manipulation: A Case Study [chapter]

A. Hentout, B. Bouzouia, I. Akli, R. Toumi
2010 Robot Manipulators New Achievements  
The experimental robotic system, given by Fig. 1 , consists of a Local (Operator) site and a Remote site, connected by wireless communication systems:  Local site: it includes an off-board PC running under Windows XP, a wireless TCP/IP communication media, a wireless video reception system and input devices.  Remote site: it includes the RobuTER/ULM mobile manipulator, a wireless TCP/IP communication media and a wireless video transmission system. Architecture of the RobuTER/ULM mobile
more » ... ator RobuTER/ULM is composed of a rectangular differentially-driven mobile base on which is mounted a manipulator. The robot is controlled by an on-board MMX industrial PC and by four MPC555 microcontroller cards communicating via a CAN bus. The on-board PC is running under Linux 6.2 with RTAI layer 1.3. This layer interfaces C/C++ application with that developed under SynDEx ( The first MPC555 card controls the mobile base. The second and the third control the first three and the last three joints of the manipulator. The last MPC555 controls the effort sensor. The mobile base has two driven wheels ensuring its mobility and two free wheels to maintain its stability. The mobile base is equipped with a belt of 24 ultrasonic sensors, a laser measurement system at the front and an odometer sensor on each driven wheel. )
doi:10.5772/9324 fatcat:hkg2rbaus5bs5jcudfrcuyroei